This is exactly where I need you. Hovered above my hungry mouth, seductively peeling your knickers aside before lowering yourself onto my hungry mouth. Letting me savior the sweet taste of your pussy as my tongue slips between your delicate lips. Sucking and slurping at your wetness as you grind your hips against me. Feeling the tug on your clit as I hold between my lips as you rock forward, reluctant to let it go. I want to feel your legs quiver and shake as the pleasure starts rippling through your body. I want to grab your hips and hold you there while my tongue swirls inside you. I want to hear the sharp inhale of breath right before you scream out in pleasure. I want feel your pussy contract as I greedily lap up your sweet nectar. This is right where I need you to be.



Pardon me a moment…or five or ten…FUCK  and ignore that buzzing.  It’s nothing…fax machine.  UNF